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0243 5034881000007
02800RDCD5641 Reader's Digest
02800RDCD5642 Reader's Digest
02800RDCD5643 Reader's Digest
02800RDCD5641-3 Reader's Digest
072 7784 Vokální hudba
080 78(=15)
080 78.036.9
080 (086.76)
24500Celtic voices [zvukový záznam]
260 [S.l.] : Reader's Digest, p+c2007
Obecné poznámky3 zvukové desky (69:54 ; 72:35 ; 65:24) : digital, stereo ; 12 cm + 1 brožura [20 s.]
Unifikovaný název3 kompaktní desky
Unifikovaný názevNázvy jednotlivých částí: The rose of Tralee, On heaven's shore, The Lord of the dance
Unifikovaný názevKompilace
50500Lark in the clear air Rose of Tralee Molly Malone Scotland the brave Suantrai Glendalough Ae fond kiss Red is the rose Cruel mother Scarborough fair Coming around Star o' the bar She moved through the fair October winds Sally gardens Leezie lindsay Mil harddach wyt na'r rhosyn gwyn Danny boy Skye boat song Dream of the mountains On heaven's shore Fields of Athenry Annie Laurie Carrickfergus On your shore Mystic isle Mountains of mourne Spancil hill Fields of gold Avalon yet Brandy burn Only time Prayer Farewell tae tarwathie Musa-mare lullaby Mya vin rys May it be Lord of the dance Let no man steal your thyme Two sisters Foggy Dew Dirty old town Comin' through the rye Hills of connemara Bonny light horseman Dark Island Once I had a sweetheart Life of the Irish rover Cuckoo Haugh's O'cromdale Sheffield grinder I am a Miller tae my trade Liverpool judies Ma Mastrez Kollef Alarc'h Suite gavotte Tri martelod --
5110 V podání různých interpretů
65007keltská hudba
655 7kompaktní disky
74042Rose of Tralee
74002On heaven's shore
74042Lord of the dance
Sigla,sign.vlastn.OLA001 CD 6223/ 1-3